The new, personalized Widex BEYOND is a truly remarkable made-for-iPhone hearing aid. This hearing aid offers wearers multiple ways of connecting–through Bluetooth, DEX communication devices, and Telecoils. BEYOND’s app also works with an Android phone.

With this hearing aid, advanced sound quality is achieved as the device optimizes sound based on the environment you’re in. This automatic adjustment is so effective that there’s no need to worry about finding the ‘ideal listening conditions’. The fully-customizable app allows you to have control over your own hearing experience, and will help you stay connected anytime, anywhere.

Hearing aid wearers who are active in the outdoors will love the SMARTWIND Manager, featuring the best wind noise algorithm in the industry. It has been proven to significantly reduce wind noise interference while increasing speech understanding.

The Widex BEYOND also consumes less power than comparable hearing aids on the market – so you can charge your batteries less frequently and hear and stream for longer.

widex gavin audiologyWidex’s UNIQUE is a comfortable device that gives the widest possible sound picture – allowing you to hear both loud and soft sounds easily, no matter what you’re doing. For customers who desire a discreet hearing solution, Widex offers the UNIQUE CIC MICRO, one of the smallest completely-in-canal hearing aids on the market.

With the best wind noise reduction system available, and settings that quickly, automatically adjust to help you separate speech from noise, the UNIQUE is a truly adaptable hearing aid and a great everyday option for people on the go.

For connectivity options, the UNIQUE line features COM-DEX — a stylish, hands-free communication device you can wear around your neck and connect to two phones. Receiving calls from both a work and a private line won’t be a problem with this smart device, which can also be used to stream high-quality sound, music and more. The COM-DEX remote mic is ideal for an added boost of amplification and speech understanding in particularly noisy listening situations, such as outdoor adventures.

widex gavin audiologyThe Widex DREAM is a popular option which features new True-Input Technology for a sound input range of up to 113 decibels. The DREAM also allows for more understanding of speech in loud noise–users experienced up to 21% better speech perception in noisy situations. The DREAM is durable, user-friendly, and has a long-lasting battery. There is a new improved grip and easy-to-open battery drawer, and 20% more battery lifetime when streaming.

This device comes in over six standard colors for easy, fun customization–plus eight additional colours. It is available in the CIC MICRO model which is nearly invisible, and requires no adjustments while in use. The CIC MICRO is up to the challenges of noisy restaurants and dinner parties, and also has a special Personal Acclimatization feature to help first-time users adjust easily to new sounds. The Widex DREAM is all about ease, simplicity and comfort: just put it in and go!

ZEN is available as a unique music program in all of Widex’s newer hearing aids. But this therapy program is also available as a standalone solution called ZEN2GO. ZEN2GO is a device with an integrated tinnitus management program for those who do not experience hearing loss.

Widex understands that tinnitus can be an unwanted burden and unnecessary distraction from the joys of life. Their ZEN Tinnitus Therapy program features a four-step approach that helps treat the problem of tinnitus from different angles. The four steps are:

  • widex gavin audiologyCounseling to educate and assist the limbic system to alter its negative interpretation of the tinnitus via cognitive and behavioral intervention
  • Amplification to stimulate the ears and brain and prevent overcompensation
  • Fractal tones (ZEN) delivered in a discreet, inconspicuous and convenient manner, designed to both relax and provide acoustic stimulation
  • A relaxation program highlighted by behavioral exercises and sleep management strategies.

Widex – Company Overview

Widex, founded in Denmark in 1956, is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of hearing aids. The hearing aid company which developed the world’s first digital in-the-ear hearing aid is known for its innovation with wireless technology and revolutionary approach to creating an advanced, natural sound experience. Widex hearing devices are now sold in over 100 countries around the world.

Let’s take a look at the latest outstanding hearing aids Widex has to offer.